Yelverton: Edith Holden, the Suffragists and the Victorian Occult

Women Writing on the Devon Land
A – Z of Devon Women Writers & Places

Y ... for Yelverton (or, more specifically, Dousland)

Who Was the Woman-in-White of Widecombe-in-the-Moor?

Women Writing on the Devon Land

A-Z of Devon Places & Women Writers
V and W for Venton and Widecombe in the Moor

      No, just in case you have been following this A-Z of Devon Places & Women Writers, from Writing Women on the Devon Land, I have not missed out 'V'; but I have combined a 'V' blog-post with 'W'. V for Venton and W for Widecombe-in-the-Moor. Venton is a small hamlet rather than parish but fitted nicely for my purposes here. The two place-names are a perfect duality for one iconic woman writer linked with Devon, namely Olive Katherine Parr, alias Beatrice Chase. Unlike many of the writers who I've researched in connection with Devon, Chase is an author who is well-covered on the internet, especially when it comes to women writers associated with Dartmoor.Typifying the notion of the eccentric woman writer, Beatrice Chase represents Dartmoor's version of Exmoor's Hope Bourne. Chase's self-made legend asserts that she was directl…

Over the A377 at Umberleigh Exploring Ancient Abbeys ...

Writing Women on the Devon Land

A – Z of Devon Women Writers & Places

Over the A377 at Umberleigh

What often intrigues me when I'm out and about exploring Devon's lost literary links connected with women of the past are the occasional teasing facts which pop up unexpectedly out of the historical blue, and yet either report conflicting facts or omit tantalising details, leaving you wondering what might have been. Although through the centuries Devon has frequently played a vital role in many major historical happenings, perhaps because of its outlying position toward the western margins of our country, it is more often than not ignored - and especially in my line of research focusing on its women's past literary achievements and networks. Sometimes, like a pop of colour from a bland painting, a tiny snippet of information leaps out of a passage of information and begins to repeat over in my mind, reminding me of those bothersome earworms. I had such a revelation recently w…

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