The Crediton Quest - an Excerpt

The Crediton Quest

'The white crescent moon there up in the south, set within a plume of rosaceous sky high behind the moor, broods over the silhouette of the crepuscular grey and silvery tors. How many early missionaries exalting in the exact same sight tracked back and forwards on the tracks mazing across these western Wessex lands?'

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Mid-Devon; Spirit of Place & Plath & Pedler

North of North Tawton 

'This topographical heartland of Devon’s palimpsest of invisible and lost criss-crossing labyrinthine landscapes and texts happens also to be the focal point of several of Devon’s foremost and famous literary sites. North Tawton is a place of pilgrimage for writers seeking other famed writers, for it is where the literary couple Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath spent the last years of their marriage.'

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Near Roman road south of North Tawton

Territories of the Mind - an Excerpt

Pages from M. P. Willcocks, Wings of Desire

'In the first decades of the C20 acclaim for Mary Patricia (or M.P.) Willcocks almost equalled that for Thomas Hardy, the then God of Westcountry novelists. Willcocks’ early novels, The WinglessVictory and A Man of Genius were published over a hundred years ago, in 1907/1908. Willcocks went on to pen a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction. In those days her novels frequently featured in local newspapers; stressing they were meant ‘to last’, reviewers commented on the outstanding writing. In Essays on Modern Novelists, published in 1910, W.L. Phelps, comments that ‘thousands of reverend pilgrims, on foot, on bicycle, and in automobile, are yearly following the tragic trails of Mr. Hardy’s heroines’.

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 Writing Women on the Devon Land
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Landscapes of the Mind

Opening pages from M.P.Willcocks. Mary Queen of Scots
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Cottage at Cheldon

The cottage holiday-home of author Elizabeth Stucley in the 1960s. See Her-Story at Hartland.

Cheriton Fitzpaine Church

At Cheriton Fitzpaine church where Jean Rhys is buried. Gravestone on left of porch. See Caribbean Seas at Cheriton Fitzpaine.