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L ... Looking along the Lanes toward Lapford ... and Away

Women Writing on the Devon Land A-Z of Devon Women Writers & Places Lapford Around Lapford, possible places of the site of Dowriche's home in the C16. Lane and Vie of Parsonage Farm & Court Barton across the road from the church. Photo Julie Sampson       It’s not easy to adjust your field of vision and cut out all the paraphernalia of modern life, even in a small village, or hamlet. The traffic and take-aways, the maze-like housing estates, all the accoutrements of contemporary rural life screen out what is inevitably there somewhere, just below and behind the surface. A wall; a ruin; a high hedge; an eave jutting out from a building; a mound in a field; an old house over there, with turrets.       See there, the other side of the valley; there's a monument inside the village church (if, that is, you're lucky and the door is not locked). But here I am, late autumn, atop the village, walking up toward Lapford church; the village landmark.

K ... Keeping West along Devon's Way to Kelly

Looking over Kelly, in west Devon Photo Julie Sampson Women Writing on the Devon Land A-Zof Devon Women Writers' Places   K for Kelly        Compared to my post for J and Jacobstowe , the K entry, in this A-Z of Devon Women Writers' Places, is going to be relatively easy. Admittedly, I was a bit split as to which Devon parish to choose for 'K.  Kentisbeare came close second because of E.M. Delafield, whose home was near the village, but the manuscript of Writing Women on the Devon Land  includes extensive commentary about that author and she appears in several blog-posts in my other blog, Scrapblog of the SouthWest . (See especially Delafield's Devon DoubleScapes  and Sad December at Kentisbeare; E. M. Delafield's Tragedies ).        So, here, I thought I'd travel westwards to Kelly , the small parish near Tavistock, which is straddling Devon's border with Cornwall. So you will find the village on Genuki for Devon and also on Cornwall&#