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Coming soon - Centennials, Bicentennials and Other years - Devon Texts and Dates Celebrations 2022

Books published in or featuring Devon by Devon women celebrated 2022 'There is a little village in North Devon, sheltered from the sea by a low range of sand-hills that stretches for miles on each side of it. The coast turns westward here, and no cliff breaks that line of billowy sand; northward and southward it goes, with the rhythmic monotony of the sea. The sand-hills are dotted with tufts of the long star-grass, where the rabbits sit; inland they are covered with fine blades bitten short by the sheep. Seaward lies the hard ribbed sand, glistening with salt, and fringed with the white surf of the Atlantic'. (From Audrey Craven ,   by May Sinclair, first published 1897 - 125 years ago).          My next post arriving soon will  be a feature about a selection of books by women published in (or about) Devon 100, 110, 125 and 200 years ago.  They include Margaret Pedler's The Vision of Desire , and Then Came the Test , M.P. Willcocks' Wings of Desire and The Wick