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Ma(r)king the Way to Martinhoe

Old Schoolhouse Martinhoe Writing Women on the Devon Land A-Z of Devon Women Writers & Places Marking the Way to Martinhoe Old Schoolhouse Martinhoe          The little parish of Martinhoe in north Devon has to represent the 'M' in this  A-Z of Devon Women Writers & Places. I began the journey toward writing a  book about women many years ago, long before I researched then embarked on the written study of particular women writers. During the late eighties and early nineties, whilst researching and writing up my PhD, I ventured up to the remoter landscape north of the county to find where author/poet H.D.’s once stayed, in north Devon. She was there For several months in 196, during World War One she lived at Martinhoe then along the road at Parracombe .  Just as many other women writers associated with the South West, H.D. had significant connections with at least two of its counties, in her case it was with three (Devon, Cornwall and Dors