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Centennials, Bicentennials and Other Celebratory years - Devon Texts and Dates 2022

  Churchyard at Salcombe Regis Church      Ten years ago I posted a piece A Handful of 2012 Anniversaries: Devon Women Writers; Names and Texts  in commemoration of the anniversary dates of several women writers whose births or deaths or written texts were occurring that year. Then I posted a follow-up Devon Celebration 2016 . So what follows here is another celebratory catch-up piece featuring a handful of writers with special events coming up during 2022.  **** 'Believe me, nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won'. Cover of Lady de Lancey at Waterloo    I'll begin   200 years ago in 1822,   when Madeleine De Lancey died, on 22nd July.                 There's a post about Madeleine de Lancey on my earlier blog, Woman at Waterloo; Lady de Lancey; a Quiet Grave at Salcombe Regis . As I noted in that post Madeleine did not spend her life in Devon; in fact she was only briefly in Devon. The first page of Madeleine de Lancey's A Week at