She Came to Stay - Devon Visitors


'September 1856 made a new era in my life, for it was then I began to write'
George Eliot

Window at 'Woodland Cottage' Parracombe

Jane Austen holidays in Sidmouth; 
George Eliot stays in Ilfracombe, in 1856 and writes Recollections of Ilfracombe.

Elizabeth Barrett-Browning holidays in Sidmouth, then in Torquay; she works on a Translation of Prometheus Bound as well as her own poetry.

Charlotte Yonge spends childhood holidays at the beginning of the C19 with her family at Puslinch in the South Hams.

In 1905 Edith Holden visits Dousland, near Yelverton and draws and writes notes about Dartmoor.

Flora Thompson spends the last years of her life in Brixham and Dartmouth.

Elizabeth Goudge comes to live in Marldon and writes Gentian Hill: she grows to love Devon as though it's her childhood home.

Frances Bellerby spends three years at Clearbrook on Dartmoor.


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