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Across Devon Lands - Looking towards Literature post Saxon Queens

Across Devon Lands Looking towards Literature post Saxon Queens See Extract 7 from Writing Women on the Devon Land Exeter Castle from Rougemont Gardens 'As with so many other royal Saxon women linked with Devon’s history, Gytha’s life has descended into one of the dark ‘Her/storical’ holes, although there are glimpses of her movements transcribed within the manuscripts of contemporary texts, such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles.' 

Talking about Tavistock: Mary Maria Colling; A C19 Maid-Servant Poet

Writing Women on the Devon Land  A – Z of Devon Women Writers & Places Tavistock canal Talking about Tavistock: Mary Maria Colling a C19 Maid-Servant Poet ...Green as an ivy you may be, Though not to be compared with me If I'm admired as thus I'm seen, Tis not because my dress is green: Know then, I'm more admired than you, Because I'm green and fragrant too'. ('The Ivy and the Myrtle', Mary Maria Colling). Mary Maria Colling frontspiece from Fables      Performance Poetry is not just a C21 phenomenon. Back in the late C18, a woman poet (who we'd now consider obscure and obsolete) regularly drew a crowd of admirers to the town of Tavistock , some of whom had travelled for miles to see and hear her pronounce her poems. Mary Maria Colling was a maid-servant who became protégé of the more well-known Anna Eliza Bray , wife of the then vicar of Tavistock.  The Old Vicarage in Tavistock       In a L

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Cottage at Cheldon

The cottage holiday-home of author Elizabeth Stucley in the 1960s. See Her-Story at Hartland.

Cheriton Fitzpaine Church

At Cheriton Fitzpaine church where Jean Rhys is buried. Gravestone on left of porch. See Caribbean Seas at Cheriton Fitzpaine.