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  Finding a Forgotten Devon Author's Grandmother; Who was Edith Dart’s Granny Jane Sampson? Lanes, distant moor and ‘Lydcott’, a farm (once home of my mother Clarice Green Sampson) in area of  South Tawton, Taw Green & Sampford Courtenay Cover of PlayBook Sareel Writing the Devon Rural  It was a long low house, with whitewashed cob walls and a thatched roof, cowering underneath the shelter of a tor, with only a little patch of garden ground, roughly fenced in, separating it from the open land that stretched away from it on either side. On one hand there was cultivated land that had been snatched from the jealous moor in other days, when public rights were less authoritative than at present; but it was a small portion only, kept from returning to its wild state by constant toil and unremitting efforts. The granite boulders pushed through the surface everywhere, the garden was no more than a handful of earth above it, where only hardy plants and a few straggling bushes might surv