G is Going to Gittisham

A - Z of Devon Places and Women Writers

G is Going to Gittisham

The G parish in this A-Z had to be Gittisham, birthplace of Devon's most notorious and eccentric female 'writer' 'prophetess', Joanna Southcott. 

Around Gittisham
Photo Julie Sampson

I have written about Joanna both in my book, and in my other blog, see  Woman Clothed in the Sun at Scrapblog whilst a poem about her was published in the collection Tessitura. I'm not going to make more comment here except to say that like her contemporary, Mary Willcocks aka 'Caraboo', from Witheridge, Joanna Southcott is fascinating. I find her totally bizarre and yet compelling, perhaps in part because her family lived only a few miles from a district where many of my own ancestors were based. When I read that she had over 100,000 followers (in the C19 that is a LOT), I can not help but wonder if a few of my forefathers and foremothers were drawn into her orbit. 

Book Blurb about Frances Brown's biography, Joanna Southcott
      For those who may wish to follow up Joanna Southcott there are plentiful available sources, books, online sites archives etc. out there.  A google search will quickly bring up many possible search-trails.

Page from Southcott's Prophecies


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